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0.0 18 May 2017

Wholesale trade of lumber. Export/ import. International delivery.

0.0 30 May 2018

Cultivation of crops, potatoes, tuberous plants and other root crops. Lending partially land and machinery.

Hagranop, BV
0.0 1 Aug 2016

Голландская фирма Hagranop BV - Ваш прямой поставщик лука-севка. Общение на русском языке. Дополнительная информация по скайпу: agasparian100 или по электронной почте: , а также по телефону Напишите нам, можете оставить Ваш номер телефона для оптовых поставок и мы свяжемся с Вами обсудить...

Socar Food, BV
0.0 6 Sep 2019

Международная компания, занимающаяся покупкой и продажей замороженных продуктов питания. Центральный офис расположен в Нидерландах, имеет собственные дистрибьюторские центры в Южной Африке и таможенные склады в Европе.

-1.0 3 Dec 2008

Широкий выбор европейских брендов грузовых автомобилей, таких как DAF, Man, Scania, Volvo, Mercedes Benz, Iveco, Renault различных моделей. Мы предоставляем около 300 единиц грузовой техники, которая находится у нас на стоянке и постоянно обновляется.

-1.0 18 Aug 2019

Производство продукции из вторичных полимеров. Полимерные листы, комплектующие для мебельной промышленности, дизайна и архитектуры.

In neighboring regions
37 12 Sep 2017

Import/export buildings materials building import/export timber materials

0.0 5 Jan 2018

I am seeking cooperation from customers all over the Globe to import or buy direct from us , we have this in stock for sale: Camera/Camcorder, Microphones, Projectors, speakers, Piano, Guitar, amplifier, drum set, flutes, trumpet

0.0 24 Aug 2019

Baesjou Beheer b. v we zijn in de verkoop van audio-versterker en luidsprekers, meer informatie, neem contact met ons op via

0.0 2 May 2017

Import i realizacija pilomaterialov. A takzje importiruem dsp, osb, dvp i. t. d..

Foeth, BV
0.0 23 Apr 2019

We buy and sell premium quality used process equipment Since 1908 Foeth has been active in the purchase and sale of used process machinery, serving the chemical, food and pharmaceutical industries in Europe and beyond. By today, our company has developed into the largest dealer in Europe in used...

0.0 6 Sep 2017

We are interested in oak lamella 4,2 and 6,2mm Quantity: ± 6.000 m2 per month 4,2 x 192 x 1840/2040/2240/2440 mm – select 4,2 x 192 x 1840/2040/2240/2440 mm – exclusive 4,2 x 232 x 1840/2040/2240/2440 mm – select 6,2 x 232 x 1840/2040/2240/2440 mm - exclusive Quantity: ± 6.000 m2 per...

Green Huiz, EMZ
0.0 26 Oct 2019

Since 2016 our company situated in the Netherlands has been selling healthy and organic products on eBay and over platforms, and it has generated hundreds of reviews from our satisfied customers from all over the world. We are selling only products of the highest quality and certified in the...

Green Light Textile, VOF
0.0 25 Apr 2016

Wholesale stock clothes

0.0 20 Nov 2020

HEFEI GSK TRADE CO., LTD is located in ANHUI province of China. We specialized in Active pharmaceutical ingredient, pharmaceutical intermediates, Pesticide intermediates and dyes intermediates.  We have strong professional research and development team, talented personnel and completely equipped...

0.0 9 Dec 2017

Stroitel'stvo, kladka fasadov sten domov fontani , zabori , kladka pod shtukaturku , i dekorativnie steni kladka vnutrennih i naruznih sten

0.0 12 Jul 2016

Verkopen van goederen binnen en buiten EU/ meubel en kleding

Normoway BV, BV
0.0 9 Feb

Temp work agency in the Netherlands. temporary jobs for Latvian and Russian speaking EU citizens

0.0 21 Jul 2017

Pointer Brand Protection was founded in 2006, when three friends were hired by a local law firm to scan an online marketplace for counterfeits. Manually, the team sifted through thousands of product listings to identify the biggest infringers. They investigated these sellers by conducting test...

Portucale Sweets, VOF
0.0 24 Aug 2020

Portuguese Online Bakery. Portuguese flavours range from eggs to cinnamon, from ham to mountain cheese. And that's what we miss when we're not there, the flavours that bring us memories, the smell that remind us of our roots, or even, that unforgettable trip to a country as special as...

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